Cottoncake shop

Cottoncake - this unusual word hides three things that I love:

*amazing clothes and accessories
*food & coffee

All this in one place! Because Cottoncake is both shop and café. Inside, you can find a little place to read a book, work behind your laptop, or have a lazy Sunday morning brunch with your friends.

And art! Because Cottoncake expose new, upcoming artist’s works! Expositions change every 10 weeks and are celebrated with a small event :)

And of course, fashion! In Cottoncake you will find things unique and one of a kind! From edgy festival outfits, to super soft basics. From Taschen books, to Balinese eco cotton plaids. From leather bags and laptop cases, to Parisian sunglasses. From refined jewelry, to your new favourite pair of heels. There are no boundaries!