Unique kitchen: Tafelgoed by Marlene Kleinbloesem

I saw for the first time what Marlene Kleinbloesem can do with kitchen design, in her school, where all the students presented their graduation projects. Of course, Marlene received the highest score for her kitchen and tableware collection. No wonder why! She turned very small invisible details in the kitchen into huge designer wonders! Every single thing from her project is perfectly made from the finest materials with attention to every detail. This project Marlene named: tafelgoed (goodtable).

 When I asked Marlene about her inspiration she said:

I have always been fascinated by textile and in the fourth year of Artemis Academy (based in Amsterdam) I got also interested in everything that has to do with food. I read an article about young urban Amsterdam citizens who revalued the butcher craftmanship by making their own sausages. I got inspired and also started to bake my own bread at home. I started an investigation about this young people which resulted in three themes: the butcher, the baker and the farmer. This all gave me much inspiration so I based the concept of my table and kitchen collection on the comeback of these themes.

Of the three themes, the butcher theme fascinated me the most so I designed the kitchen and tableware based on the butcher. The baker and farmer theme are worked out in trendbooks.

You can see her unique designs in the pictures below!